Staging Your Bay Area Home for Sale

The process of selling homes in the Bay Area can be long and complicated. It is as competitive and as complex as the home-buying process itself. Luckily, there are ways to make your Bay Area home for sale endeavor succeed through home staging. Home staging is the term used by homeowners to refer to the process of getting their house ready for promotional purposes in the real estate marketplace. Technically, homeowners have the discretion on the design and how they would like their homes to look like. However, getting professional help may even give you a better and faster chance of getting Bay Area home for sale snapped up quickly. This is even extremely needed in Bay Area where buyers are crowding to get the best house possible. Home staging is important for three reasons: first impression, higher value, and a greater chance of selling.


It has been said that first impressions last. That is why in the real estate industry, it is believed that the greatest factor in getting your home sold is making the first right impression. The moment potential buyers see your house, more often than not, they have already formed a decision whether or not to buy the house. The rest of the offer will determine their final decision. But as Coldwell Banker Burnet Realty Representative Jan Van Horne said, a home should be presented at its best form the first time around to achieve the greatest possible outcome. Therefore, staging your home before presenting it to prospective buyers is important to present a good first impression.

The overall quality of your house will determine its value and price range. Obviously, you cannot price your house higher if it is not worth it, especially if its appearance does not justify the high price. However, if you have staged your home properly, making it look more organized, presentable, and eye-catching in a good way, then you may even price it at more than its true value. That is the intent of home staging.

It is a fact that the one who prepares more gets a higher chance of a positive outcome. Therefore, it is most likely that if you have prepared the physical look and quality of your house, you have the edge over someone who has just decided to sell his house and put up a signage to indicate that the house is for sale. As mentioned previously, the Bay Area home for sale industry is crazy enough that you should give everything you’ve got to attract as many buyers as possible and have a greater chance of selling against your competitors.

How much should you spend on home staging? Hiring a professional home stager is not an indispensable factor in home selling, but surely, you would like to be one step ahead of other homeowners who have put their houses for sale just like yours. So hiring a professional is your best option. The cost of the entire home staging process is relative. However, looking at the competition in the Bay Area, it would probably cost you higher compared to other areas. Other factors that will determine the home staging cost is the extent of the needed enhancement, the reputation of the home staging company, and the size and location of the house, among others. It is important to bear in mind that your expenses would be minimized if you do your own research first regarding the best home stager in town that you could talk to. You can ask for some referrals or consult your real estate agent for suggestions or a list of expert home staging companies. Additionally, before agreeing to a particular home stager, evaluate beforehand the possible price of your home. Of course, you would not like to spend more than what you will receive in return.

How can your agent help you? Your agent is the one who can assess how much the house will cost and sell. He should know how to connect you with prospective buyers. He should also know very well if your house needs a home staging service. If it does need one, then setting an ample amount to cover this service is a wise investment. He should calculate the entire cost of the house and secure that everything will be to your advantages. Lastly, before your property can be included in the Bay Area home for sale list, it should have a high quality — worthy enough to be one of the best houses in Bay Area.