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Finding a Realtor

How to Find the Right Realtor

The home selling process is often a lengthy one, and sellers need to ensure that they select the best agent to serve their interests. Choose a competitive price: Getting your house sold quickly is all about competitive pricing. A good realtor will not only make you competitively priced for your house, but they can help you negotiate a sale and close it quickly as well. Find a Realtor with experience in home sales and a proven track record

Finding a Realtor

If you have never had a home sold, it is important to use a Realtor who has a proven track record. A realtor who has sold homes before can guide you through the process and assist you in choosing a home. It is always beneficial to have a Realtor that understands what type of property is being sold. They will also understand the needs of sellers to make a quick sale.

Find a Realtor who specializes in either single family homes or commercial properties: Professional home builders are well versed in the buying and selling both homes and businesses. They are also familiar with zoning laws that vary from city to city.

Find a Realtor who has experience selling homes in your area: One of the keys to successfully selling your home is knowing how to market it. Find a Realtor who is familiar with the neighborhoods in which you live. By having knowledge of the neighborhood, they can offer a more tailored approach to selling your home.

Find a Realtor who offers free marketing assistance: Home sales are usually handled by different agents. However, finding the best agent will save time and energy. It may also cost more money. Realtors who offer free marketing services to their clients can save on marketing expenses as well. This includes advertising, design, marketing, and placement services.

Find a Realtor who understands the dynamics of the housing market: Real estate markets change so quickly that you need an experienced Realtor who can help you understand this dynamic. A Realtor that understands how the real estate markets operate can better predict future price trends. and be helpful in determining what the home will sell and what won’t. They can also advise you on the types of properties that will sell and those that will remain vacant.

Find a Realtor who can offer guidance and support: An experienced Realtor can offer advice and support when dealing with the lender. Find a Realtor who understands the complex financial issues of the lending institution. Real estate brokers often work with lenders on behalf of their clients. They can explain the complicated processes associated with financing and sell your house. A Realtor who understands the ins and outs of the real estate market will provide you with more detailed information about loan modification, mortgage modification, and refinancing options.

A professional Realtor can help you get the best financing terms: Find a Realtor that knows how to negotiate the best possible deal for you. Your financial future depends on how well you negotiate. Make sure you have an experienced Realtor negotiate your home loan.

Finding the right Realtor can save you money: If you are looking to sell your home quickly, then finding a Realtor can save you money. There are many Realtors out there who can help you save thousands of dollars. on your home mortgage. Find a Realtor who can get the best deal possible, not just the cheapest deal.

Find a Realtor who will provide you with referrals: Many Realtors offer referrals when you sell your home. Find a Realtor who provides referrals for other Realtors. This can save you valuable time and energy.

These are just a few tips on how to find the right Realtor. No matter how busy you are, finding the right Realtor can save you time and money.

Bay Area Real Estate Trends in 2015

Knowing the trends in the real estate industry is important for those who want to keep up in the business or what to get into it. A real estate trend is generally characterized by a pattern or shift in the nuances of the real estate industry that will cause changes over the course of time. For instance, one of these trends could be an increase in mortgages as a result of a shift in a country or place’s economy. The Bay Area in San Francisco is particularly susceptible to these real estate trends, as it is the 43rd largest urban area in the world, with a population of around 7.44 million people.


Some of the bay area real estate trends that have occurred recently in the year 2015 are:

• An increase in the spending of home remodeling (November 12, 2015) – as a result of rising home prices, homeowners were spending more and more on kitchen and bathroom remodeling to increase their property values.

• Decrease in homeowners selling their houses without the help of a professional (November 11, 2015) – many homeowners discovered that the process of selling a property by themselves requires a lot of work and are thus turning to the help of real estate agents and companies. Though some argue that it’s cheaper to try to sell their properties by themselves, the majority have seen that the legwork and time required to pull off a solo sale is more than hiring a real estate company to handle things for them.

• A majority agreement by Americans that owning a home is a good decision (October 16, 2015) – most Americans agree that owning a home is a good financial decision because it allows them to build equity, choose the neighborhood they live in, and allows for a safe environment. There was reported an increase of the number of renters who considered buying their own homes (from 32% to 39%).

Home sales in the Bay Area could be stifled, despite the predicted increase for the rest of California (October 13, 2015) – because of the Bay Area’s limited supply of houses for sale on the market, experts have predicted that while the rest of California will see an increase of home sales and house availability, the Bay Area’s sales will drop.

• An increase in the demand for housing within the United States (August 20, 2015) – as more Millennials age and start their own lives, more and more are demanding extra housing. Experts predict that around 16 million additional households will be built by 2024.

More trends are expected to pop up as the New Year approaches, such as mortgage drops and an increase in the installation of gadgets within households. Experts are still trying to look at potential patterns and predict where markets will accordingly. California in particular, as one of the most populated states, will feel the effects of these real estate trends more than the other states. Thus, those living in the Bay Area and are into real estate should stay vigilant and regularly check for any changes in the trends.

Understanding the Importance of Staging your Home for Sale

If you are planning to relocate to another place soon and want to establish a new domicile there, you might also be embarking to sell your old home, fast. Unless you are just renting out your old place, you will definitely want to dispose your old house the soonest possible time so that you can start to focus on your new place of residence. If you want to sell your old home fast, it would be good advice to embark on staging your home for sale. Why do you need to stage your home for a quick sale? What is the difference between selling it as it is and staging it to be able to close a fast sale?

Staging your Home for Sale

If you are planning to relocate to another place, you cannot afford to delay the process of selling your old home so that you can start anew in your new domicile. That is why it is important that you will be able to sell your property at the soonest possible time. With the number of residential properties for sale in the market, it would be hard to dispose your property without doing anything that will give your house the edge over other available for sale properties. Hence, staging your home for sale is a must so that you can assure a quick sale for your property.

When you stage your house for a fast sale, you will be selling a lifestyle which potential buyers would definitely love to own. This means that as much as you are proud of your own style, it does not necessarily mean that you will set your home in such style to all potential buyers. This is actually the difference between staging a home and decorating it. When you are decorating a home, you are marking it with your own definite taste and style. Staging, on the other hand, is more on setting your home in a neutral ground that will cater to diverse tastes and styles of would-be buyers.

If you want to successfully stage your house for a quick sale, you need to fix your home in such a way that it will look fresh and gives off a warm-welcome-vibes to people. If you want to attract buyers asap, you should strive to create an atmosphere that lets potential buyers with varying taste feel that they can make it their own home if they buy the property. Most people would want a domicile that exudes warm welcome, structured, well-designed and serene. Thus, you should tailor your house in such fashion if you want to sell it quick but at your own asking price. Staging your home for sale means that you should ensure that your home should be free from clutter and is well-organized, even if it means disposing some of your furniture and accessories beforehand.

It also means that you need to set up your home from patio up to the bathroom in such a way that will entice people to explore the whole house. It also means that you need to repaint your patio, plant some blooming plants and flowers, clean the windows and clean all the clutter. You need to strike a balance between having your house look like it hasn’t been occupied yet to make it to a magazine’s cover.

Staging Your Bay Area Home for Sale

The process of selling homes in the Bay Area can be long and complicated. It is as competitive and as complex as the home-buying process itself. Luckily, there are ways to make your Bay Area home for sale endeavor succeed through home staging. Home staging is the term used by homeowners to refer to the process of getting their house ready for promotional purposes in the real estate marketplace. Technically, homeowners have the discretion on the design and how they would like their homes to look like. However, getting professional help may even give you a better and faster chance of getting Bay Area home for sale snapped up quickly. This is even extremely needed in Bay Area where buyers are crowding to get the best house possible. Home staging is important for three reasons: first impression, higher value, and a greater chance of selling.


It has been said that first impressions last. That is why in the real estate industry, it is believed that the greatest factor in getting your home sold is making the first right impression. The moment potential buyers see your house, more often than not, they have already formed a decision whether or not to buy the house. The rest of the offer will determine their final decision. But as Coldwell Banker Burnet Realty Representative Jan Van Horne said, a home should be presented at its best form the first time around to achieve the greatest possible outcome. Therefore, staging your home before presenting it to prospective buyers is important to present a good first impression.

The overall quality of your house will determine its value and price range. Obviously, you cannot price your house higher if it is not worth it, especially if its appearance does not justify the high price. However, if you have staged your home properly, making it look more organized, presentable, and eye-catching in a good way, then you may even price it at more than its true value. That is the intent of home staging.

It is a fact that the one who prepares more gets a higher chance of a positive outcome. Therefore, it is most likely that if you have prepared the physical look and quality of your house, you have the edge over someone who has just decided to sell his house and put up a signage to indicate that the house is for sale. As mentioned previously, the Bay Area home for sale industry is crazy enough that you should give everything you’ve got to attract as many buyers as possible and have a greater chance of selling against your competitors.

How much should you spend on home staging? Hiring a professional home stager is not an indispensable factor in home selling, but surely, you would like to be one step ahead of other homeowners who have put their houses for sale just like yours. So hiring a professional is your best option. The cost of the entire home staging process is relative. However, looking at the competition in the Bay Area, it would probably cost you higher compared to other areas. Other factors that will determine the home staging cost is the extent of the needed enhancement, the reputation of the home staging company, and the size and location of the house, among others. It is important to bear in mind that your expenses would be minimized if you do your own research first regarding the best home stager in town that you could talk to. You can ask for some referrals or consult your real estate agent for suggestions or a list of expert home staging companies. Additionally, before agreeing to a particular home stager, evaluate beforehand the possible price of your home. Of course, you would not like to spend more than what you will receive in return.

How can your agent help you? Your agent is the one who can assess how much the house will cost and sell. He should know how to connect you with prospective buyers. He should also know very well if your house needs a home staging service. If it does need one, then setting an ample amount to cover this service is a wise investment. He should calculate the entire cost of the house and secure that everything will be to your advantages. Lastly, before your property can be included in the Bay Area home for sale list, it should have a high quality — worthy enough to be one of the best houses in Bay Area.